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Mensah Law Office provides debt collection (Nationwide), estate and probate, and business counsel to individual and business clients throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and New York.

The firm’s founding member, Paul “Tony” Mensah, has a wealth of experience that he accumulated from his time working for a federal agency and serving as outside counsel for a Fortune 100 company, an investment bank, and numerous D.C. metropolitan small businesses. He also served as the Managing Partner of a District of Columbia general practice firm.  

Tony Mensah saw an opportunity to bring all his prior experiences together to create a practice that better serves the needs of clients, big and small, by using modern technology and resources to bring—in  one word—what many law firms have not brought to their clients … convenience.

The mission statement for Mensah Law Office is, “Convenience, without sacrificing excellence in the areas of debt collection, estate & probate, and contract & business law.”

While many firms boast about providing excellent services to their clients we like to leave statements about our firm to our clients. We also display publications, which provide summaries of our prior successes.  For example, as you can see from our website, whether it was representing Hilton Hotels & Resorts as a collections attorney expert, or guiding an estate through successful litigation against Wall Street banks, Tony Mensah, principal at Mensah Law Office, has enjoyed proven success throughout his career.

What makes Mensah Law Office a success is not just satisfied clients or summaries of cases we have won, but our vision to bring modern technology and unparalleled service directly to your home or office. Legal counsel no longer requires the inconvenience of driving downtown or taking the Metro to receive services from your lawyer—that’s what makes Mensah Law Office different.

Do you want to learn more about obtaining legal services from Mensah Law Office? If your answer is “yes,” do not hesitate to use our website to arrange a meeting with us or call us at (202) 895-1510 and let us know what we can do for you.

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