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Client Recommendations

Debt Collection - Debt Relief

“In 2003, I recommended Tony Mensah to Carey Dutton, Senior Vice President – Assistant General Counsel, Hilton Hotels Corporation, to handle various finance claims that had been deemed unwinnable by the Hilton Hotels Corporation. Many of these claims had previously been provided to other law firms used by Hilton Hotels Corporation, however at the time remained unsuccessfully prosecuted.

Tony Mensah, through creative use of local court rules and procedures as well as aggressive litigation tactics, successfully prosecuted Hilton’s claim in many of these cases winning a large amount of unanticipated revenues for Hilton.”

-Carlos Garcia, (Former) Senior Vice President of Operations Finance

Estate Planning, Probate & Probate Litigation

"Mr. Mensah was so incredibly helpful to me. He asked questions that helped me to envision what was best for my family, who should make the decisions, and how to ensure that my directions would be honored. I am confident that my affairs are in order and I can only thank Mr. Mensah's expertise and guidance for that."

- Veronique Pluviose

Entity Formation, Business Law, & Civil Litigation

"Tony Mensah epitomizes professionalism and represents precisely what I needed when launching my corporate wellness consultancy.

Tony assisted in helping to craft a favorable agreement with my client that minimized our risk exposure, ensured we were structurally compliant and most of all, met some demanding timelines.

My recommendation comes without reservation as I look to utilize his services in the future."

- Julian Tait
Principal, Uptick Wellness, LLC