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When searching for a collection’s attorney to help recover an overdue debt or an uncollected judgment you should determine if the attorney has three qualities. These are three qualities that every successful collection’s attorney should have:

  1. Does the attorney have sufficient collection’s litigation experience?

  2. Does the attorney employ a professional level of communication when dealing with delinquent debtors?

  3. Can the attorney establish that his or her method of collection has been successful?

Litigation experience, and specifically experience conducting depositions, debtor’s examinations and trial experience, is necessary for the successful collection’s attorney, especially when the attorney is dealing with delinquent debts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Collection for delinquent debts over $50,000 more often than not, requires the attorney to file a civil complaint against the debtor, draft interrogatories, conduct depositions or a debtor’s examination, and to file bank liens or wage garnishments. All of these processes are tied to litigation and litigation experience.  If the collection’s attorney is not familiar with the tools available to him or her through the courts it is very likely they will not successfully recover the delinquent debt owed to their client.   

The professionalism of the collection’s attorney is crucial toward successfully collecting unpaid debts for the client.  Here, the uses of the word, “professionalism” means being very aggressive against, but always treating with respect the delinquent debtors who owe money to the attorney’s client. Some collection’s attorneys take the opposite approach, are very aggressive and treat delinquent debtors without much respect.  

These collection’s attorneys think that they can bully satisfaction of debts out of the debtor.  Unfortunately, this approach tends to exacerbate the situation in a negative way, resulting in delinquent debtors responding unfavorably to demands to satisfy an outstanding debt.  Furthermore, on occasion, the collection’s attorney will be asked to collect a debt from a current client of the creditor and the attorney will have to be mindful of preserving that relationship when implementing a collections strategy.

The truest measurement of success of a collection’s attorney is to look at their past performance to see how successful they have been at collecting debts. Debt collection law is not like other specialties in law because winning civil claims through trial verdict or default judgment, successfully arguing motions, and obtaining favorable court opinions does nothing to satisfy the client’s goals.  Only successfully collecting the unpaid debt will satisfy the client. Therefore, it is important to know how successful the collection’s attorney has been in the past to see if their methods result in successful recovery by the client.    

At Mensah Law Office our collections law expert, Tony Mensah, has well over a decade of trial litigation experience in collections cases. He has represented many clients from Hilton Hotel Corporation to large banks and small business owners, while utilizing the same level of professional representation when representing all of his clients. He has successfully collected many debts, including debts greater than $50,000 while winning high praise from former and existing clients for achieving success where other law firms and collection agencies have failed.        

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