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In no area of law is the value of an attorney more pronounced and yet, in practice, so highly undervalued than in the small to mid-size business community.  From the start-up of a business to preparing employment agreements and preventing or winning litigation, an entity that has an experienced counsel is better off than an entity that is without counsel.

Why then is it that so many firms decided to make their way in the business world without be represented by counsel? Members of the small to mid-size business community will tell you that there is a simple answer, to save money. Before and especially after the great recession, saving money, no matter the risk, has become standard practice by many members of the business community—and, where better to cut unwanted business costs then  reducing the size of, or completely cutting out, the retention of a lawyer?

So, what is a member of the small to medium size business community to do in this difficult financial time?

At Mensah Law Office we understand the fiscal concerns of our clients. We believe that start-ups with very little money on hand—businesses that were hit hard by the recession and firms that simply want to keep costs down—are justified in not spending tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees generated by law firms solely concerned with creating billable hours.  Our services are geared toward providing top notch counsel at a fraction of the cost of other law firms.  


We offer all of our clients the ability to consult with us for a few hours a month free of charge. We only charge for actual work done, such as preparing a contract or researching a legal issue to answer a challenging legal question. We do this so our clients do not have to worry about asking for legal advice. There is no need to fear the clock at Mensah Law Office.

So, if you:

  • Registered your business on your own without an attorney;

  • Have partnership agreements, a membership agreement, or some other agreement of the like that was not set up by an attorney;

  • Use contracts of any form, such as lease agreements, employment agreements, performance or sales contract agreements; and,

  • Are unsure if your business currently meets state licensing guidelines (which happens to many companies today because they were unaware that their state had a formal licensing requirement);

Then why not contact Mensah Law Office to see whether you would benefit from having an attorney that works for your business, within your budget, and even travels to your business-free of charge?

You can contact Mensah Law Office at (202) 895-1510.


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We encourage all clients to submit general (non-legal) questions to the firm about entity formation-business law-business litigation. For instance, if you have a question about what an LLC is or what does FEIN (“Federal Employer Identification Number”) stand for and does your business need an FEIN please submit your question by clicking on the link below.  

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